CVHF School’s Festival

This year we played host to thousands of Year 6, 10 and 12 pupils from all over the country for 3 days of ‘hands on’ history! Blending talks by eminent historians with interactive living history and demonstrations, this is a crucial part of what we do at the festival and we are thrilled to have received such a positive response again this year. Here’s a short video with Richard Salmon from Canford School, who sponsored our Year 6 day, talking about why he thinks it is so special.
The Year 10 and 12 days are generously sponsored by Rathbone Brothers Plc.

CVHF Schools Festival from Chalke Valley History Trust on Vimeo.

Alice Roberts interview

With a slightly different interpretation of ‘history’ Prof. Alice Roberts explains the history of us, and just how unlikely our being here really is.

Alice Roberts from Chalke Valley History Trust on Vimeo.

CVHF Artist in Residence

Here’s Will Topley, CVHF Artist in Residence who will be with us all week capturing the Festival atmosphere on canvas. Here he is painting some vintage Rolls Royces in the sunshine.

Day 5 of the Festival build

Warrior: The Amazing Story of a Real War Horse

In this video, Brough Scott recounts the story of Warrior, bred by his grandfather Jack Seely and ridden by him on the battlefields of World War 1.

Brough will be speaking at CVHF on Sunday, 28th June in ‘WARRIOR: THE REAL WAR HORSE
. He will follow Warrior’s extraordinary journey from birth to his survival through Ypres and the Somme with his grandfather, General Jack Seely. Surviving five years of war, this will be the story of men and horses who fought and died, for ‘God and Country’.