Personalise your festival experience our new Day Tickets plus add-on tickets.

Tickets & Pricing

We have made changes to our ticketing system to make it easier to book and offer even better value for money by offering:

Day Tickets: Instead of purchasing tickets for individual events or activities, everyone will need to buy a Day Ticket, which includes entrance to the festival, access to talks on the outdoor stages, the living history and performances, live music, the book shop, and the food stalls.

Add-ons: In addition to the Day Ticket, add-on tickets can be purchased for talks in the main tents, the family-friendly experiences, and of course lunch or supper in the dining tent.

We hope that this new ticketing system will make it easier for our guests to plan their day at the festival and to choose the events and activities that most interest them.

Day Tickets + options

Day Tickets

Everyone needs a Day Ticket for admission to the festival.

Prices: Adults £14 – £27.50; Children aged 5-15 £7 – £13.75; (depending on which day); Under 5’s free

The price of your ticket includes:

Talk Tickets

Optional add-ons to your Day Tickets.

Prices: £4.50 – £7.50

Provides admission to specific talks in

  • 750 seater Hiscox Tent
  • 350 seater Evelyn Partners Tent

Both indoor tents are equipped with state-of-the-art sound and audio-visual equipment.

Experience Tickets

Optional add-ons to your Day Tickets.

Prices: £11.50 – £15

Individually priced admission to family-friendly experiences:

  • The Trench Experience
  • SOE Training Camp
  • Junior Joust
  • Junior Trebuchet
  • Sword School
  • Have-a-go archery

Food & Drink

  • Lunch in dining tent (£27.50)
  • Supper in dining tent (£32.50)
  • Bars
  • Food stalls serving a range of delicious locally sourced food