For the first time, our entire programme is themed.

Our hope is that this will allow you to find those talks and events you are interested in, but also encourage a little serendipity.


From farming and food production to climate change and the shifting sands of time.


Warfare throughout the ages from ancient times to Ukraine.


Whether in Ancient Rome or more recent times, the rise and fall of dictators, prime ministers and presidents have shaped and defined our lives.


From inventions to the crossing of oceans and deserts.


Everyday life through the ages: food, art, literature, music and how the fabric of society evolves.


It is a large part of our lives. Here we explore the rich human drama in the evolution of some of our favourite pastimes.


26th June – 2nd July

With so much uncertainty in the world at the moment this unique festival of history invites us to look to the past to improve our understanding of what is happening today. Quite simply, history has never been more relevant.

We are constantly thinking of ways we can make your Chalke Valley experience exciting, varied and fascinating. Over the week, there are talks, panel discussions, up-close-and-personal sessions, with an astonishing array of brilliant historians, experts and public figures.

There are huge historic encampments, historical performers, special activities for children and families as well as all you would expect from an English summer festival: live music, food, drink, shopping, camping.

Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds and smells of past – the crack of cannon fire, glint of a sword, thunder of hooves, colourful banners flying – all set in the glorious, rolling landscape of ancient Wessex.