1918 Trench Experience

Daily from Tuesday 26th June, at various intervals, 25 mins | Price £11

You arrive in the Western Front, to be inducted onto the front-line

It is Spring 1918 and the war is finally drawing to an end, but the Huns don’t know it.  The Bosche are massing to make a last-ditch attempt at a decisive punch through the British lines.  In the trench, the Tommies are feeling edgy.   They know it’s coming.  But where and when? A sense of menace pervades…

For this centenary year of the end of the First World War, we will be producing our best ‘above-ground’ interactive Trench Experience ever, including more dug-outs and a completely new scenario from the Western Front in which you will be taken on a tour of the front-line.

This is an immersive, fly-on-the-wall experience in which highly experienced living historians lead you through the trench, demonstrating what life was like at the front line and with the sounds of battle ever-present.