Outdoor Programme – other attractions

Weds 23rd – Sun 27th June 2021 | Single Outdoor Ticket

From a working vintage fairground to The History Tellers and Sword School, there is lots to do for all the family.

Photo: Micheile Henderson ~ Unsplash


You won’t be able to miss the Big Wheel – the oldest travelling Ferris wheel in the UK, built originally in Jacksonville, Illinois in the USA, and imported to Britain in 1922.  Set at the heart of the festival, it will offer fabulous views of the stunning Chalke Valley site.  But that’s not all.  We also have a variety of other traditional funfair attractions from swing boats to a coconut shy.


Abs and Alex are back with a new raft of sizzlingly exciting, weird and wonderful tales from history.  With sensational sets, cunningly craft costume changes, and an array of authentic accents to aid them, Abs and Alex will take you on a historical drama from dinosaurs to Dunkirk…


A mouth-watering range of historic fast food will be on sale near the Ferris wheel from Sweet Delights, to historical sample platters to tradtional fruit leathers and jerked meats.


SOLDIER SCHOOL – every day

Our instructors take young recruits from the parade ground to handling weapons in this Second World War Soldier School – specially aimed at children.

PALADINS OF CHIVALRY (Medieval) – weekend

Taking audiences back to the days of the 100 Years’ War, the company will demonstrate what a medieval camp looked like during the Age of Chivalry, and will include weaponry and fighting training drills but also tablet weaving, medieval cookery, games and dancing.

THE JOINER – every day

Adam Batty will be returning to the old days of the 1930s joiner, demonstrating many of the skills involved – as well as the tools – of a successful wood worker.

THE STONE MASON – every day

Celebrated stone mason, Andrew Ziminski, has worked on some of our most ancient sites and at cathedrals and parish churches.  During the festival week he will be set up at this makeshift workshop and demonstrating his skills.

SWORD SCHOOL – weekend

Sword School is back – learn how to use the medieval sword and buckler like a real knight!