There will be much for all the family to see and do, from archery to sword school, to First World War training camps and seeing Word War II artillery in action. There will be Medieval knights, Vikings and Anglo-Saxons, Celts and Romans, as well as a large Napoleonic encampment with infantry, artillery and even mounted cavalry. We will also have a horse-drawn First World War ambulance as well as a number of other historic vehicles.

All our living historians will be putting on a stunning array of demonstrations and displays. They are not only contagiously passionate about the past but are also real experts in their fields. Living Historians may favour one period of the past over another, but those at Chalke Valley have one thing in common: they all want to share their passion and immense knowledge.

As ever, we will have a large number of historic vehicles on show, and this year, we will also have a static Spitfire and Hurricane on display all week.

  • Celtic Wheat Grinding
  • Anglo-Saxon Bread Making
  • Anglo-Saxon Settlement – Traditional Crafts
  • Life in the Roman Legions
  • Archery Demonstrations
  • Norman Siege Weapons & Warfare
  • Crusades – Trade Routes & Travel
  • Edward III, the Great Plantagenet King – His Life & Times
  • English Civil War – Guns, Black Powder & Cannon Repair
  • Napoleonic infantry and cavalry
  • Battle of Waterloo Diorama with the BBC’s Peter Ginn and Mark Evans
  • First World War Trench
  • First World War Horse-drawn Ambulance & Vehicles
  • French Army 1914-1940
  • Second World War Weapons & Uniforms
  • Children’s Activity Tent
  • The History Tellers

Sword School

Sword School will be returning, along with Have-a-Go-Archery, numerous stalls, and demonstrations – there will always be much to see and do. We can’t wait!