D-Day Dance & Dress-up Saturday

Saturday 29th  June 2019 – 20:30 – 23:00 | Free with entrance or event ticket

Saturday night is party night!

Firmly established tradition at the Chalke Valley History Festival: Saturday night is PARTY NIGHT.  But it’s not any old party – after all, this IS a History Festival and that means the beautiful, D-Day Darlings (Britain’s Got Talent Finalists)  and the brilliant Branflakes will be singing some of the best wartime favourites.

It also means it’s time for everyone to dress up – and not just our resident Romans, Vikings and Knights of Yore.  So, let’s see you pull out the glad rags, and dress up in Forties Style, whether it be battledress or black tie, fancy frock or designer label.

And this year we will be crowning a fabulous Forties fandango with fireworks, courtesy of Pains Fireworks.

And even better, the party is FREE to those who have already got Saturday tickets!

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