Become a friend

The Daily Mail Chalke Valley History Festival needs more friends! Many of you who like what we do (and why we’re doing it), have expressed an interest in joining our Festival friends scheme. Your support will go towards ensuring the longevity of our Festival, the principal purposes of which is to support the Chalke Valley History Trust in promoting the understanding and enjoyment of history to people of all ages.

As a Festival Friend you will receive:

  • Priority booking (23rd April rather than 27th April for non-Friends)
  • Friends Car Park
  • Ticket Offers & Newsletters
  • Separate Friends Entrance to all main Tents
    which will open a few minutes before other entrances

Please fill in your details and send a cheque payable to:
Chalke Valley History Festival and send to
CVHF Membership Team, Chalk Pyt Farm, Broad Chalke, Salisbury SP5 5ET