Battle of Britain Spitfire Hero

Audio from Geoff Wellum’s talk with James Holland at Chalk Valley History Festival on Saturday, 28th June 2014.

Geoff Wellum was a spitfire pilot throughout the Battle of Britain, flying and fighting in some of the fiercest aerial battles of that summer of 1940. More recently, he became the celebrated author of First Light, an astonishing memoir of those days. This was a rare public appearance and a very special event.

5 Minutes With.. Rana Mitter

Rana Mitter, Professor of History and Politics of Modern China at the University of Oxford, talks to us about the importance of understanding China’s view of WW2.

5 Minutes with… Rana Mitter from Chalke Valley History Trust on Vimeo.

Henrietta Maria – The lost letters of Britain’s last Warrior Queen

Best selling historian Leanda de Lisle talks about Henrietta Maria of France, queen consort of England, Scotland, and Ireland and loyal wife of King Charles I.

Leanda de Lisle is the highly acclaimed author of three books on the Tudors and Stuarts, including the bestselling The Sisters Who Would Be Queen and Tudor: The Family Story. A former weekly columnist on the Spectator, Guardian and Daily Express, she contributes to numerous national publications.

Leanda will be speaking about the White King at Chalke Valley History Festival on Saturday 30th June about the WHITE KING: CHARLES I – TRAITOR, MURDERER, MARTYR. Tickets are available here.

Ancient Oaks

Julian Hight has travelled extensively in his quest to discover more about some of the world`s ancient trees – researching their history and the legends behind them, sourcing engravings and old photographs, as well as producing new documentation to tell the stories of these important trees . Here he celebrates a few specific ancient oak trees in the UK – calling for their preservation and also for the planting of new oaks.

Julian will be speaking at Chalke Valley History Festival 2018 about the ‘History and Legends of the World’s Ancient Trees’ on Saturday 30th June – tickets are available here.

Histrionics 2017

For many, our history panel show is the highlight of the Festival. This video was taken at CVHF 2017 when we had Charlie Higson in the chair and John Sessions, Tracy Borman, Andy Zaltzman and Dan Snow on the panel.

Our ever-popular history panel show returns on Friday, 29th June 2018 with Fast Show comedian and author Charlie Higson as quizmaster. Returning team captains John Sessions and Dan Snow will be joined by Helen Castor and, for the first time, Al Murray. Sixty minutes of quickfire historical humour with new rounds and challenges for the teams. Tickets can be purchased here.

VIDEO: The Legends Of King Arthur

At CVHF 2017, Tom Holland began a new series about the Legends of King Arthur, introducing us to the world of Merlin, the sword in the stone, and the round table. This epic storytelling has excitement, adventure and wit – oh, and magic too.

This year Tom will return to tell the Tale of Sir Lancelot, bringing his humour and own unique take on this ancient tale of heroism, love and betrayal. Tickets can be purchased here.

History Hub: Tom Holland – Legends of Arthur (CVHF 2017) from Chalke Valley History Trust on Vimeo.

VIDEO: Al Murray: Monty

Al Murray may be best known for his comic creation, the Pub Landlord, but he is also a serious and passionate historian and student of  World War Two. In this event, filmed at Chalke Valley History Festival 2017,  he brings that immense knowledge to bear in defence of Field Marshal Montgomery of Alamein, talks about the life, career, great victories and controversies of Britain’s most famous wartime general.

Al Murray: Monty (CVHF 2017) from Chalke Valley History Trust on Vimeo.

History Hub: James Holland Talks To Dan Snow

Dan talks to James about his current work, his love of sharing history knowledge via the internet and his career highlights.

History Hub: James Holland talks to Dan Snow from Chalke Valley History Trust on Vimeo.

Breakfast at Sotheby’s

Audio from Philip Hook’s talk at Chalke Valley History Festival on Sunday, 29th June 2014.

Philip Hook, Senior Director at Sothebys, has worked in the art world for 35 years. With his wealth of experience, explains how art, fascinating and highly subjective, acquires its financial value and how it is traded. Looking at artists, subjects and artistic styles, he reveals the comic, absurd and piquant world of the art market.

A History of the Ashes

Audio from David Gower’s talk at Chalke Valley History Festival on Sunday 29th June 2014, chaired by Jonathan Marland.

Led by former England batsman, Ashes-winning captain and now Sky Sports presenter David Gower, our panel discussed the history of the Ashes over the past thirty years, from Botham’s Ashes of ‘81 to the recently consigned-to-history series Down Under…

This year we have another cricketing event with bowling hero Simon Jones and acclaimed commentator and analyst, Simon Hughes. ASHES 2005: THE GREATEST EVER SERIES is on Sunday, 28th June.