Historical recipe: Tudor Lamb Pasty

Get a taste of the 16th century!

Alex Compiani from The Time Traveller’s Kitchen shows us how to make a Tudor lamb pasty!🥧 😋

Catch him every day at our festival for more delicious historical treats..

Daniel Todman chats to us about what he will be speaking about at CVHF

We are delighted to have Daniel Todman speaking at the festival for the first time this year – here he is explaining what he will be talking about..
His talk is on Thursday 24th June and you can buy tickets here.

Anglo-Saxon FISH CAKES

🎧 Anne Frank: Her Life And Light

Audio from Chalke Valley History Festival 2017.

German-born Dutch-Jewish teenager, Anne Frank who went into hiding during the Holocaust, is probably the best known diarist of the modern world. In this audio from CVHF 2017, Peter Caddick-Adams talks about her life and legacy.