Entries by James Holland

Images for the programme: Love and Survival in the Gulag

“This looks like a great event: Orlando Figes’ Tuesday nighter, one of the opening talks of the Festival. Researching the subject makes you feel sad and angry. The human statistics of Stalin’s primitive corporate madness, digging and dying pointlessly in conditions that defy any proper understanding. This image was inspired by a grainy photograph taken […]

Images for the programme: George Peabody

Illustration by Johnny Bull “George Peabody was one of the great millionaire philanthropists. An illustration for Ian Hislop for his talk on the age of the Do-Gooder. Here he is surveying his good works – the Peabody Buildings – and suffering an autographic pun. One of many little twists I like to give drawings to […]

Images for the programme: Elizabeth l

‘Some of these pictures won’t make the programme, things change, so do I, but it’s a good idea I think, to put some of the best ones I’ve done just in case they lose themselves on my slightly chaotic filing system.” An illustration drawn on Johnny Bull’s work-stained G5. Once, like him, brand new. Now, […]

Interview with Antony Beevor

The Chalke Valley History Festival has a new roving reporter – Xander Drury, a first-year classics undergraduate at Durham University.  We asked Xander to speak to Antony Beevor, one of the Festival’s Patrons, and one of the biggest names in military history.  This summer sees the publication of Antony’s magnificent single-volume history of the Second […]

Festival Launch Date: 15th March 2012

The exciting news is that we will be launching this year’s Festival at Waterstones, Piccadilly, in London, at 10.30am on Thursday, 15th March.  We’ve got two of our patrons coming, Countess Rothermere and Antony Beevor, and the Secretary of State for Education, the Rt. Hon. Michael Gove, who is one of the judges of the […]

Dan Snow and Georgian Night

We were talking to Dan Snow this morning about his first appearance at the Chalke Valley Festival.  Dan is coming on Wednesday 27th June, as part of our Georgian Night double-bill. We reckon the double-bill format works well: people come and hear one talk, then everyone pauses for supper, and then return for the second […]