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Recording from Chalke Valley History Festival 2017. James Holland looks at one of the most iconic moments in Britain’s history. He examines the background to the German attack on the West in May 1940, challenging many of our deeply held perceptions, and explaining why the British evacuation of Dunkirk was, and remains, such a significant […]


Recorded at Chalke Valley History Festival 2018 Robin Rowland was an officer in Slim’s Fourteenth Army, fighting at the Battle of the Admin Box – the first significant victory against the Japanese – and then at the hell of Kohima and on through the final battles at Meiktila in Burma in 1945. His is an […]

Annette Gordon-Reed in conversation with James Holland

Here’s Pulitzer Prize-winning author and Harvard Professor, Annette Gordon-Reed Annette Gordon-Reed talking to James Holland about Thomas Jefferson whose actions and ideas — more than those of any of the other Founding Fathers —still divide Americans two centuries later. Annette Gordon-Reed in conversation with James Holland from Chalke Valley History Trust on Vimeo.